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What’s Your Plan B?

Recently I’ve been reading about getting a Plan B in other blogs, and I even created a video for a client about the importance of a Plan B. I had no idea I would come up against this very problem myself.

In fact, days after the completion of the “Plan B” video in question, I was contacted by a Houston advertising firm to create a web commercial-slash-intro video for a new website for a national skin care company.

After I bid the job and it was awarded to me, I quickly began the process of casting and scripting and getting ready for my video shoot. Sometimes I’m asked to work within a strict budget, and this project was one of those times. The client wanted me to find four “regular, everyday female” models between the ages of 35 and 40 and make them look radiantly beautiful…without a heavily made-up look.

So the first step was finding a make-up artist who could tackle this kind of work. I knew after I completed this task, everything else would basically fall into place. I had worked with a woman recently on an interview-style shoot who was quite good, so I contacted her and was relieved to hear she was available and fit my budget.

After having booked the make-up artist, I began the casting process and found four lovely, everyday looking women with radiant smiles and beautiful skin (see photo above). I booked the studio where I would be filming and scheduled for all the talent to be there in a week. (Did I mention this was a rush job?)

Since the models were not professionals, and I did not need to go through a modeling agency, the negotiation of fees was a challenge.

After I had crossed all my t’s and dotted my i’s, I felt I was more than prepared for the big day.

On the day of the shoot, I arrived extra early to the studio and set up my backdrop and lighting. The shoot was scheduled for 10:00 A.M., and it was already 9:30. That’s when the executives from the agency arrived. (Why did they have to arrive so early!?  In fact, why did they have to be there at all?  Just to make me more nervous?)

Shortly after that, the first model arrived. She looked wonderful, but I knew that I had to get her into make-up right away…. Hello? …The make-up artist was nowhere in sight. I started calling her to see if she was lost or was running late. No answer. All of a sudden, the second model showed up!  Everyone’s timing was like clock-work, because I had staggered the models so that I could shoot them one at a time, and so that they could get in make-up one by one.

But still no make-up artist. Now I was beginning to panic. What if she didn’t show up? I didn’t have another one lined up!  Oh, no!  That was the Plan B I had been hearing about so much recently. And I didn’t have one!

After about an hour I realized the make-up artist was just not going to show up. I had to send all the models home and ask them to come back in the afternoon. That gave me a little time to find another make-up artist. Luckily, the models were all very accommodating, and I ultimately only had to pay them for the extra hour.

Once I found a back-up make-up artist (alleluia), the rest of the day went very smoothly. But I knew that I had been lucky. I was only out the one hour in fees to the models, and I produced a top notch video. Unfortunately I cannot show it here, because it is still in the client’s hands, and they have not launched the website yet. You can bet that when they do, I will post it for you…and for me to always remember to get a Plan B!

Here’s the Plan B video I created with Karen McCullough:


You Need a Youtube Channel! What Are You Waiting For?

I’ve been saying this since I joined YouTube in 2006. The thing is, most small businesses aren’t taking advantage of this remarkable tool. By creating a YouTube channel, a business can immediately begin to see it’s benefits. It is an advertising platform, a social media platform, a content platform as well as a storage site for video. By linking it to your website, it’s a great way to increase traffic and improve your SEO. Your channel can provide back links to all your other social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, strengthening your company’s web presence.

By creating a branded Youtube Channel, you are in essence creating another website for your clients to see and learn about your business. But this website is part of the nation’s second largest search engine following Google. Think of the kind of content that you can post related to your business: product launches and developments, introductions to your staff, how-to’s and tutorials, editorials and video blog entries, public relation messages and communications, advertisements and any other video content you can think of. It’s like having your own television station.

If you are a professional speaker, you shouldn’t even be reading this! You should be on YouTube now, creating your new channel.  By clicking on the image above, you can take a peek at speaker Cecilia Rose’s channel.  I helped Cecilia create this, and since it has gone up, Cecilia has had an increase in speaking engagements and customer traffic.  It’s easy to do, and if you need help, just send me an email.  (My contact link is at the bottom of the page.)

In an age where content is king, a YouTube channel is a no brainer.

How-to Make a How-to Video

My first suggestion for 2012 is to make a “how-to” video and post it on your blog or website. This would be especially important if you have a service business such as landscaping, home repair, decor and design, etc. The number one reason for doing this is that adding video to your website is always a good thing. As we have discussed in your page longer and create more interest.

I could go on with the benefits of video, but instead I’d like to show you a very simple ‘how-to’ video that I created with a client of mine, Glenwood Weber.

Creating this video with Glenwood took us 30 minutes. Now he has video content to put on his website, and visitors can immediately see what an expert he is and how personable he is; and they’ll want to work with him.

What Are You Known For?

This Thanksgiving, as we reflect on all the things we’re grateful for, let’s also take a minute to think about the one thing we’re known for. It’s the principle of it shines.

Driving by the Flying Saucer Pie Company in Houston, TX, I saw “The One Thing” principle in action. Here is a small, unassuming shop that sells only one thing: pies. And, judging from the line on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, they do that pretty darn well. Driving by this line of people waiting to buy pies, I thought to myself, “Next time I need a good pie, I’m going to try the Flying Saucer Pie Company.”


Talk About Brands, Let’s Start with W

Ten Things I Learned From the 30-Day Blog Challenge

On July 18, one month ago, I committed to the “30-day Blog Challenge” with my friends and colleagues, and members of my new Mastermind Group, Crystal Washington, Bambi McCullough, Danielle Forget, Cecilia Rose and Karen McCullough.  Since then, and it has been exactly 30 days, I have actually learned a few things.  That’s what I find so incredible.  In just one short month, this one challenge has taught me remarkable things.

1.  That I can commit to something rather difficult and fulfill my commitment!  I am proud to say that I have logged in 30 entries in 30 days.

2.  That I enjoy writing.  I’ve always known this.  In college, I minored in English Writing.  Creative Writing was one of my favorite courses at Boston University, followed by Script Writing, and then followed by Journalism.  So why have I not been writing all these years?  Instead of wondering why, I am happy I rediscovered it. The main fact is that I had to push through the difficult part to get to the enjoyable part.

3.  The first part was difficult.  As was the middle part and the end part.  But after each entry, I felt an amazing little feeling of accomplishment….and that little feeling lasts a long time.  It really helps to get me through the day.  No matter what happens each day, I can look back and think, “Well, at least I wrote in my Blog today!”

4.  The process of blogging with a group of people, and then Tweeting about each other’s blog posts, creates miracles in the Social Network.  Since I started blogging, results.

5.  The act of blogging has gotten me into online networking.  Every morning, after I blog, I spend a good hour on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin…saying hello to new friends and followers, spreading news and reading news.  This has really kept me connected to the world and to my colleagues, peers and friends.  In the process of doing all this, I have been strengthening my personal brand.

6.  Blogging means Learning.  In order to blog every morning, I need to do a little research.  That never hurts anybody!

7.  I have gotten to know my blogging buddies even better.  What a pleasure it has been to read Crystal Washington’s blog every day.  She is truly a miracle in my life today, and I am so grateful to have met her.  Of course, I am always interested in what Karen McCullough has to say…we are basically connected at the hip.  And I have enjoyed getting to know Bambi, Danielle and Cecilia in a different way, as well.  They each contribute to my day, each and every day.  That is such a blessing.

8.  I have connected with people I never dreamed of “meeting”.  Just by writing a post about Apple and how the Apple brand can help each of us as we form our own brands, I had the chance to “connect” with Steve Chazin.  And when I blogged about Klout, I got to “meet” Brian Ambrozy.  This was great, but on Twitter some of my Social Media and Professional Speaking idols started to follow me:  Connie Podesta, Mari Smith, Ed Primeau, Trey Pennington, Gina Schreck, Loretta LaRoche…just to name a few.

9.  I have been inspired many times.  Great ideas have come to me from blogging every morning.  Creativity just flows now.

10.  I am excited to keep on keeping’ on.  Blogging has rejuvenated my entrepreneurial spirit.  And that is worth gold.