You Need a Youtube Channel! What Are You Waiting For?

I’ve been saying this since I joined YouTube in 2006. The thing is, most small businesses aren’t taking advantage of this remarkable tool. By creating a YouTube channel, a business can immediately begin to see it’s benefits. It is an advertising platform, a social media platform, a content platform as well as a storage site for video. By linking it to your website, it’s a great way to increase traffic and improve your SEO. Your channel can provide back links to all your other social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, strengthening your company’s web presence.

By creating a branded Youtube Channel, you are in essence creating another website for your clients to see and learn about your business. But this website is part of the nation’s second largest search engine following Google. Think of the kind of content that you can post related to your business: product launches and developments, introductions to your staff, how-to’s and tutorials, editorials and video blog entries, public relation messages and communications, advertisements and any other video content you can think of. It’s like having your own television station.

If you are a professional speaker, you shouldn’t even be reading this! You should be on YouTube now, creating your new channel.  By clicking on the image above, you can take a peek at speaker Cecilia Rose’s channel.  I helped Cecilia create this, and since it has gone up, Cecilia has had an increase in speaking engagements and customer traffic.  It’s easy to do, and if you need help, just send me an email.  (My contact link is at the bottom of the page.)

In an age where content is king, a YouTube channel is a no brainer.

How to Make your Video More Interesting

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What Do We Do?

While we have worked with most every kind of creative medium, our focus has always been video.

We shoot with a variety of different cameras to suit the needs of the client.

Our favorite camera is the EOS C100, a digital cinema camera made by Canon.

We work on the Apple Mac Pro in Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion, but can also produce work using Adobe Premiere.

In addition to our video services, we are handy with still photography, graphic design and copy writing. We’re known for the creative twist we give Power Point slides and graphic brochures for speakers.

Here’s an example:

Jim Jacobus One Sheet Brochure


Oh, and we do Green Screen production, on-the-go!  Ask us about our “to-go” rates!

Who Do We Do It For?

Here is a partial list of our clients:

Who Are We?

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. As the owner of this small business, I am the driving creative force behind everything we do.

To give you a little background, my sister and I were raised in the United States Foreign Service, so I grew up all over the place; namely Soviet Russia, Chile, Argentina and Panama. I went to Boston University and studied film and broadcasting.

My career has been one of those organic things that has morphed several times over the years. I spent a decade in venue management and had the opportunity to rub elbows with the glitterati of 1980’s New York Nightlife and the early efforts of people like Deborah Harry, Cyndi Lauper, Boy George and RuPaul.

This led me to the advertising world where I gained so much experience in television commercial production at Boston’s Arnold Worldwide Agency.

After a round of layoffs, I found myself in Houston, TX working for a national keynote speaker, and I quickly fell in love with the life of freelance filmmaking. It was after I was contracted by Rice University to work with their online curriculum that I began to cultivate a team to help me. This brings us to the here and now.

Oh, And Make Sure It Goes Viral!

So you want to make a viral video. Oh, and you only have a very limited budget.
Well, producing a video is a big endeavor in the first place. You need a good story, or at least some interesting information to convey. You need decent lighting and sound. You need patience and time. Sure, you can get by with very little these days. Most phones can shoot and edit video, so equipment is not as big an issue as it was just a few short years ago. Sound, on the other hand, is still a big hurdle. With a little research and some money, you can get good sound…but not with your phone. All that being said, to also want your video to go “viral,” meaning having it garner 10,000 views on Youtube, or more; well, let’s just say that puts your challenge in a whole new dimension.

When I get a request from a client to produce a video that goes “viral,” I always want to laugh out loud. That’s like saying, please go out and find a $100 bill somewhere. Maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, in terms of a metaphor, but you get the idea. Unless you have a huge following, meaning a built in audience of thousands of subscribers, just heading out of the gate with the intention of having a video go viral is ambitious.

Nevertheless, here are some hints that may point you in the right direction:

  • Tap into something that has a strong emotional connection, like inner beauty, true love, nostalgia…something deeply human.
  • Create a ‘Prankvert.’ This is a set-up in which an innocent bystander gets lured into a prank. The most important elements of a ‘prankvert’ are hilarity and surprise. You can try to take this one step further by making the prank ‘exhilarating’ in some way.
  • Tap into a trend, but only when it is very young.  Like the Harlem Shake trend. Even though there were about 40,000 variations on this dance craze video, collectively they were all seen about 175 million times. Don’t try to create a copycat video after the trend has faded. That’s the trick.
  • Think about timing. For example the ‘Spock vs. Spock’ video for Audi that came out just before the new Star Trek movie. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have actors Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto on hand. The success of ‘Spock vs. Spock’ really was due to the timing of its release.
  • The old standby: cute animals. Take for example this video of a Shetland pony doing the moonwalk.
  • Create an animated info-graphic, preferably about income inequality. Those usually do quite well, depending on key elements like good animation and a professional voice over talent.
  • Do an expose on a criminal underlord in Africa.

(Thanks to HuffPo for doing all the research!)

Is Lighting Really That Important?

I love this funny, creative video on how to achieve quality lighting effects with inexpensive lights you can buy at Home Depot.

Does Sound Really Matter That Much?

I always impart upon people I work with how important the audio is to your video. So many times when they are planning to produce a small, homemade video for their blog or website, they don’t think about the quality of the sound.

Well, this is an absurd example, but it makes a point. Without the music to Gangnam Style, the video becomes dull and comical. Add a few well-placed sound effects, and it becomes a very surreal, bizarre piece of work..